by Little Man
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Here’s an extract from Justina Blakeney‘s website: “Justina was raking dead leaves in her yard one morning when all of the sudden, after staring at the leaves for several minutes, one of them smiled at her. So she grabbed a few of them off the floor and arranged them until she had created an entire face from leaves. That’s how #FaceTheFoliage was born.”

Now people all over the world are making faces out of leaves and flowers and this was what inspired our windows for May – dedicate to all the moms in the world simply because.


While we don’t have the privilege of having beautiful dead flowers in our backyard, we do have easy access to Daiso where we got our fake foliage from and hand-sewed it down part by part onto the canvass board. Big shout-out to Cheryl and Jayla for this one!


It’s definitely the toughest job in the world to be a mom, but also the most rewarding. We’ll be posting a few neat things to get for your mom leading up to Mother’s Day (May 10th!) so keep checking back!