by Little Man
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National Day means carnivals, concerts, parades, fireworks and bountiful events that makes August 9th a day to rejoice. This year marks SG50 – where we celebrate 50 years of our nation’s independence, extra long holidays and lots of perks around town. Oh how we’ve been looking forward to this coming weekend!


This meaningful year also made us reminisce and got a little nostalgic as we think back on the early days as far as we can remember. Inspired by LEGO’s Rebuild Your Memories, where people were encouraged to ‘build’ their own memories of Singapore with pieces of lego blocks, we decided to create our own “blocks”. Presenting our August Window – a building replica of one of the icons of Singapore, The Dragon Playground. We vividly remember this to be a part of most Singaporeans’ childhood. Playgrounds such as these are reminiscent of the laughter and cheer around the heartland neighbourhood.


It was no mean feat. and kudos goes to the team (Jayla, Ferline, Ron and Edna) for piecing this together. Here’s a time-lapse of them putting the window together and also some behind-the-scene snaps. Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!