by Little Man
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Salt Water sandals have become quite popular in recent years and we’re thrilled to be carrying a selection of women’s and kids’ styles over on our webstore. They are specifically designed to be worn in and out of water (even salt water, hence the name) and having owned a few pairs for months, our team swears by its durability and its value for money.


Lovingly crafted from the finest quality materials, Salt Water Sandals have remained a dependable summer staple, and will never fall out of fashion. Run through puddles and weather through the rain and you’ll see how quickly these sandals dry and spring back to shape. We think these are especially amazing for Singapore’s tropical weather and it’s great for kids who love to run in between playgrounds, water parks and sand pits. You’ll never have to worry that they’ll ruin their shoes.

Head on over here to view all Salt Water Sandals for adults and kids alike!