by Little Man
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We’re sure by now, most of you would have heard about Instagram‘s new algorithm changes in your news feed. Many influencers have blogged about it and also requested their followers to “turn on their notifications” so they won’t miss out on their posts. There’s also an extensive report on “How Instagram’s New Feed Will Impact Brands And Followers” that you can read over here.


While we never really depended heavily on instagram to promote our store, we do very carefully curate our content and post pretty pictures on a decent frequency basis, and use social media as a platform to inform, engage and communicate. We sure hope our efforts have paid off and our followers like all that we’ve posted thus far!

To think about it, it does get a little upsetting, to know the efforts we take to post our content might now not be seen by a lot more people since we’re just a small business with no advertising budget. But nothing says it better than this article we came across at Wit & Delight. Word for word, we agree wholeheartedly – Reinvent, stay relevant and be as good as you can. Here’s a short excerpt of the article. Click on the link below to read the entire article.


WitDelight-Article1Source: Wit & Delight