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We’re so proud to be carrying a curated selection of Pew Pew Patches, especially when they are created and designed by Dawn Bey – one of the members of our Little Man team in our early start-up days! Named after the sound of lasers, Pew Pew Patches aims to reinterpret the hot item of the ‘80s in the voice of the millennials today while bringing back personality into mass produced identical-looking clothes.


​In collaboration with her partner, Danny Kostianos, the patches are designed and produced in small quantities so once they are sold out, they are never reproduced again. How fun are these cute iron-on patches! And they now come in a sticker version which our little tots (and ourselves!) absolutely love decorating their notebooks with. Spruce up your old jeans or denim jackets or even your tote bags. There’s endless cool possibilities with these little patches!

pew-pew-patches2 pew-pew-patches3

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With a background in graphic design and a strong curiosity and interest in fashion, aesthetic development trends and innovative ideas, Deimantė Litvinaitė latest jewelry creation was inspired by one of the most important things we all need in life – Food. She’s established a lab of exclusive surprises for sale that would instantly make anyone smile when received and that’s exactly what we felt when we saw these delectable jewelry.


Every single piece of Tadam! jewelry starts out as pieces of black or white clay which are then stamped by hand into a gypsum form and kept to dry for days before they are popped into an oven to “bake” and left to cool and get covered with a layer of ceramic glaze. After several heat baths, they are then covered with a precious metal (gold or platinum) alloy. The final piece after going through such an organic hand-making process has no identical copy as they are all being worked on by hand.

We got some insight from the artist herself on her unique quirky brand and the inspiration behind.


What is TADAM! about?
TADAM! is about making surprises and bringing joy. A year and a half a go we came up with an idea to launch a laboratory of exclusive surprises for sale – surprises that would instantly make a person, getting them as a gift, smile and feel delighted and happy. And so the collection of „Sweet Courses for Your Eyes“ has appeared.

Why did you decide to create food inspired jewelry?
The task was to come up with a piece of jewelry, a sheer and unexpected surprise, but at the same time very subtle and simple in its nature. And so we created our first three “sweet courses” of a “Raffaello”, a dark chocolate bar and a small donut. These are the items that are very common as real edible desserts, however not seen as aesthetic wearable and not edible units. And here’s the core of our idea with a light spice of irony – turn a dessert into a piece of a “delicious” jewelry.


Why do you like donuts so much?
In fact, we have mini donuts, like small biscuits with a hole in the middle, in Lithuania, and they are our traditional bakery product, called “baranka” in Lithuanian, which you will not come across beyond the borders of our country. In English there is no other term than “a donut”, so we named it as donuts :)

Donuts have a perfect form and look nice as jewelry pendants around one’s neck. And naturally they attract lots of attention and a desire to touch them.

Next projects?
Our “Sweet Courses for Your Eyes“ collection has been very successful and we are about to develop it further. Food is an infinity of inspirations that we will certainly turn into more TADAM! surprises. Keep your eyes open to see the next TADAM!