by Jayla Chin
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If you are a frequent traveler who enjoys the thrill of flying, you must have heard of air travel icon, Pan American World Airways( aka. Pan Am). Founded in 1927, Pan Am was the leading airliner in the world, gaining the broadest network of flight routes and covering most of the globe. Despite ceased flights in modern day, many fans still uphold their respect for the airline in fulfilling everyone’s ‘dream to fly’ during the 1950s through the 70s.


With their in-flight items and advertisements also leading the design and culture of those years, it is no wonder TRAVELER’S notebook collaborated with them to come up with the latest and limited Blue Edition!

The designs of this collection are very much inspired by the airline’s signature logos, baggage labels and ads. You can now take a little of the past to travel to the future. Stocks are very limited and no restocking will be available, so grab fast!


In addition to the exciting news, we have also stocked up on Brass Products and Regular and Passport sized refills! Time for some re-organizing!