by Little Man
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Pumpkin carving is always a must for us during Halloween season! It’s a fun activity to do with your friends, family or kids, and we love having that smug and satisfied feeling when we’re all done! But be warned that it’s not easy, and little kids shouldn’t attempt this without your mom & pops helping you out. Also, be prepared to get down and dirty with all that scraping and pumpkin gooey-ness spilling all over.

We’ve put together a short DIY video of how to carve your own pumpkin with a simple stencil design. And when you’re done and want to know more about preserving your carved pumpkin, read on below for some simple tips & tricks.

Created and produced by Little Man.
Special thanks to: Ian, our man for doing the dirty job.

You will need:
1. 1 Large pumpkin. Choose one that sits nicely on the ground with less marks all over.
2. Carving knife set and a compass. (You can also use a small, sharp, swiss army knife)
3. Scooping spoon / professional pumpkin scraper.
4. Pen for marking + a bowl / circle template.
5. Printed stencil designs for your pumpkin.
6. Cleaning cloths, bathroom cleaner with bleach, large pail for soaking.

Tips & Tricks for preserving your carved pumpkin:
1. Soak your carved pumpkin for 4-6 hours in a pail of cold water & bleach (clorox). Pat dry and place in the refrigerator to dry out completely.
2. Using a bathroom cleaner with clorox (bleach) in it, spray in the insides and cut edges of your carved pumpkin. Let it dry and do the same every morning.
3. Rub petroleum jelly all over the cut areas and the insides.

Although many websites do advise with similar tips above, some including the use of pumpkin preservatives, stating that it’ll get your pumpkin to stay ‘alive’ for at least a week, these tricks don’t work for a hot & humid climate like ours. We’ve tried the soak method and the bleach method but our pumpkins didn’t last past 3 days.

We’ve also tried doing nothing at all but refrigerate our pumpkin in the refrigerator while not in use, and it actually worked out better, lasting for 4 days before it started to rot away. If you have more useful tips, do share and comment below!