by Little Man
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WC-02William is wearing our Publish #JoggerPants in Dark Navy. (Photo Credits: William Chan)

William Chan has remarkable taste, and an impressive portfolio that shows it. The founder of award-winning multidisciplinary design & motion studio TMRRW and one-quarter of contemporary art & design collaborative PHUNK counts Nike, MTV and HBO as just some of his numerous clients. There is no limit to his creativity; his work features anything ranging from reverberating food to an exploding Christmas tree made out of balloons. When he’s not at work, William occupies himself with being a Dad to an adorable 3-year-old boy and fulfilling his passion for skateboarding. Here’s his take on the Publish jogger pants and more about what he does.


Can you tell us a little bit about your background?
I’m a multidisciplinary creative, co-founder of PHUNK, and I also run TMRRW.

William’s effort at show packaging and a promo for MTV’s Top 100 Hits, which won him 3 Golds at PromaxBDA Asia and a Type Director’s Club 54.

How’d you get started with Phunk Studio and now, TMRRW?
Together with my other 3 partners, we founded PHUNK back in 1994, right after we left Lasalle college. We got together because of our similar interest in the popular culture but most importantly, our passion for graphic design and our desire to make a change to the local creative landscape. TMRRW was founded a year ago; it’s an extension of my personal interest in film and motion design outside of PHUNK.

WC-WorksPart of PHUNK’s designs for a collaboration with renowned custom carpet manufacturer 1956 by Tai Ping.

Do you travel often?
I used to, but with the arrival of my son 3 years ago, I travel mostly when I need to. I’m quite a hands-on father.

What’s the latest project you’re working on? Most interesting / inspiring project?
I’m currently working on a couple of on-air show re-branding projects for various TV channels. For PHUNK, we’re working on new artwork for the upcoming Art Stage 2014.

A video by William featuring a pop-up book for the opening title of Mobile Chef, a television series on Food Network Asia.

What are you excited about doing next?
A fashion short film that I had planned to do; hopefully I will have the time to work on it early next year.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced this far?
Being a full-time creative and a good father… And finding time to go skateboarding in between.

Can you describe your style and aesthetic in just 3 words?
Art + Science = Wonder