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BlackCrane(More styles, colors & prints available in-store!)

There’s a new label on our racks! Introducing Black Crane, a clothing brand rooted deeply in ancient Japanese culture and civilization. Momoko Suzuki is one half of the creative duo behind the label. The Japanese-born designer now lives in Los Angeles with her partner-in-crime, Alexander Yamaguchi, whom she claims is her biggest inspiration. We’re not surprised as the duo has been together for 20 years!

Focusing on a silhouette that complements supple lines and comfort, their collection is characterized as minimal and edgy. Easy to wear and pairs with almost anything and everything, we’re pretty sure you’ll love these comfy timeless pieces! As Alexander and Momoko also consider environmental issues seriously, all production process including fabric weaving take place locally in Los Angeles. Here’s a short interview with Momo, by refinery29, that we found interesting as we gain a deeper insight into her label. (All images below taken from


How long ago did you start your line, Black Crane?
“I started the line with my husband about five years ago. I wanted to create clothes to wear every day, and for the pieces to reflect the way I live. It’s easy, relaxed clothing — almost like big cloth.”

Where did you spend your childhood? Did you always want to be a designer? 
“I grew up in Tokyo. I knew I always wanted to be in a creative field. I was surrounded with very creative people that were all so influential on my life.”

What inspires your fashion designs?
“It’s kind of hard to describe. I like to follow my simple desire of what I want to wear next”


What color do you wear most and why?
“I love navy for all seasons. Navy goes with any other colors, and doesn’t feel as harsh as black.”

What goals do you have for Black Crane? Is there a certain direction you’d like to see it go in? “Black Crane is a reflection of how I live. It’s super simple and comfortable. Effortless elegance is my eternal goal for my creation.”