by Little Man
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These days with no real freedom of choice, tons of people slaving away at their desks and drinking their weekends away and stressing about careers and bills, many of us forget about the quality of life and what a couple hours of simple good ol’ fun is like. Coffee shop culture, “indie” hipster joints and hashtags seems to have taken over our lives and gone were the days where outdoors were our second home.


So last Thursday, the team closed the store early and dedicated a good two hours to Gymnastics – a complex competition involving the performance of exercises that requires physical strength, flexibility, power, grace, balance and control. Parallel Bars, High Bars, Vault, Still Rings… we did it all. But our favorite was definitely the trampoline. And in that 2 seconds mid-air and two hours away from other not-so-important obsessions in life, we were carefree and pumping blood.

This life is too short and our world is moving at a speed nobody can keep up. So let’s just dig into our childhood and enjoy a moment of fun.