by Little Man
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We’ve always been dedicated to selecting only the best books & magazines to offer in-store. This means we take our reading seriously, and don’t get fooled by just plain pretty pictures or the advertising within. Which explains why we’re still very much in love with Kinfolk and so are our customers.

kinfolkvol10(available in-store now)

The tenth issue of Kinfolk celebrates all that gets better with time, loved ones, food, family traditions and a good bottle of wine. A sensitive topic for some, but we thought it was simply wonderful welcoming old age with grace and style, facing the realities of turning into our mothers, gaining insight into family traditions and passed down recipes.


And here’s our favorite edit we can’t help but smile and agree with. Leaving you with that as well as a link to a very lovely post on Cakes For The Ages!

“The older folks in our lives can teach us a lot about how we should live. We believe we’re made fuller by the people, meals and traditions of things past. Other aspects of life also improve with a little time: wine, truffles, a good jar of sauerkraut. Simplicity in design survives longer than the complex. Processes such as fermenting, pickling and curing bring out the flavors in foods through extending their lives. While making this issue, we’ve gleaned kindhearted advice from the elderly friends in our lives, and they all speak the same message: Love a lot, laugh often and once you’re over the peak of that hill, prepare for life to pick up pace as gravity brings you rolling back down the other side. So please: Pour yourself a hot drink, curl up on the couch and enjoy our fresh take on old things.”
— Editor in Chief Nathan Williams & Editor Georgia Frances King