by Jayla Chin
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If you have been paying attention to what’s happening in the craft trade, you may have heard of Everyday Canoe and Weekend Worker. They are two individual companies specialising in their own unique medium, something close to their heart. Each piece is made with precision and the desire to make everyday living more enjoyable. Scroll down to know more about them as they will be a part of our Little Block Party on the 26th of July! We are proud to support our very own local craftsmen!



Everyday Canoe


Xinnie has a deep interest in creating and exploring new ideas on items with everyday purpose. Humbled by the surrounding nature, the purveyors of small wooden goods are made from assortment of reclaimed wood.

A precision woodcarving technique takes place, starting from sketching and cutting a basic shape to carving, sanding it smooth and oiling with beeswax. Within a span of few days to construct a single ware, each handcrafted piece is different than the rest, giving it a character of its own.

From using it on edible things, these tiny wares could also accentuate a space as display objects! Find more wood crafted items on the Everyday Canoe website.

EC-001 EC-003


Weekend Worker


Ivan Lee, Ong Su Loon and Chloe Tan met while practising ceramic craft in a local studio and their frequent chats eventually led them to establish a platform where they can share their works and interest with the people around them.

As each of them have their day jobs and other commitments, production of the pieces often only takes place over the weekends, hence, they named themselves, the Weekend Worker.

The team of three believes in the simplicity in everyday objects and draws very much of their inspiration with nature. They aim to make daily activities a treasured experience with their fine pieces.