by Jayla Chin
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Quite the hidden gem located in the west side of Singapore, Compound Coffee Co. has garnered a string of serious coffee lovers since opening in November last year. With minimal seating, clean white & wood mix decor, this specialty boutique café & roaster is owner Kenneth’s idea of how coffee should be enjoyed as he shares his deep passion for all things coffee with his patrons.


You can find special flavour offerings such as citrus lemon flavours in your coffee or sweet lychee notes of a fully washed Kenyan Gathaiti AB. All beans are roasted in-house and we’re really impressed with the varieties of coffee sought from all over the globe; From Brazil and Burundi straight to Singapore. Paired with light sandwiches, pastries and baked goods, this sweet coffee spot is definitely one to bookmark.

They’ve also recently launched their cold brew series that we can’t wait to try! Cold brew coffee is made by steeping coffee in cold water for around 12 hours with very coarsely ground beans. As a result of the long brew time, the liquid is oxidized, which lowers the acidity that makes coffee bright and nuanced with fruit-like characteristics.

We’re pleased to announce that Compound Coffee Co. will be serving up their newly launched cold brew this Sunday, 26th July at our Block Party from 3PM onwards.