by Little Man
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Whether you’re a first time mom or mom-to-be, you’ll be constantly thinking of ways to decorate your children’s bedroom, making space in the living room for them and storing or displaying their toys without cluttering every corner of your home. So why not look out for cute, fun and practical storage options like these suitcases from @kidsboetiek, that’s great for storing all the itty-bitties outta the way and yet add on to the decor in your child’s room? Kids love them and so do we! Available in plenty of designs and colors that’ll surely hit your fancy buttons, click here to shop the collection!


We’ve also round up three of our current favourite mommas, who’s interior decorating skills we adore and hope will inspire you as well! Have a happy week!

KidsRoomDecorInspiration(@KidsDesignLife | @Chloeuberkid | @PeachyBaby_)