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It’s really exciting to be celebrating Traveler’s Notebook’s 10th Anniversary! When they were released ten years ago, there were only five different types of refills and look where the brand is right now! It’s amazing that this simple idea of customisation would make people’s lives exciting with all the DIY options available! Traveler’s Notebook was meant to be a pocket tool that people could use and live through it as a traveler. It’s not just a standard ol’ notebook used for traveling.

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To mark this special occasion and the growth of Traveler’s Notebook that’s reached millions worldwide, a limited version of Traveler’s Notebook has been released. It’s a mini-sized notebook that fits in one’s hand and comes in a tin with various refills that you can bind with using a stapler. There is also a guide that explains the history of Traveler’s Notebook with customising items such as a charm and sticker. The collector’s tin can can also be used to store your regular size refills! What a beautiful gift idea and keepsake!

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In the customized mini Traveler’s Notebook, people can write down things such as their favorite words, address, and names. After writing something down into the mini notebook, people can carry this around as an ID tag or a baggage tag and travel through their daily lives

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But that’s not all, Traveler’s Notebook has also released a limited Camel Color option for both the regular and passport sized notebooks. Available only for a short time so hop on over here to shop the new items!

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Have a nice vacation with your personalised Traveler’s notebook!

Each package includes:

  • Original tin can that can be used to hold your refill notebook or other keepsake TN accessories/charms!
  • TN Mini leather cover in your selected leather color
  • a matching mini cotton clothes case
  • Refill mini kit which can be stabled together to create your custom mini refill notebook!
  • Mini brass charm
  • 10th Anniversary stickers
  • 10th Anniversary TN guide

The mini TRAVELER’S notebook has a vertical length of 5 centimeters. The same leather used for the Regular and Passport Size is used, and this is made in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and has the 10th anniversary mark pressed on its back. Like the TRAVELER’S notebook, by carrying this around at all times, the color and texture of the leather will change deeply.

The notebook refill takes a form of a kit where people can assemble it freely by choosing and stacking their favorite paper. There are 10 sheets each for the cover and title page. For the inner page, we prepared MD Paper white and cream taking the form of lined, grid, and blank. There is also a kraft paper included, and there are 5 sheets each for all types of inner paper. There is an assembly guide included, making the refills easy to create.